The Tyger Mat

Accurately measure the intensity and progress of your body-weight training.

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Tyger Mat Benefits

The Tyger Mat is a flexible, durable, slip-proof exercise mat with never-fade laser-etched markers.

The Tyger Mat empowers you to...

+ Accurately measure workout resistance.

+ Measure and improve your body alignment.

+ Track your progress over time.

Proven By Science

To make progress in your training you have to work out, measure your performance, and make slow and steady improvements over time.

Test yourself, track, evolve.

That's the sweet science baby!

Without this you will fail.

That's a problem for most people doing bodyweight training, because it's hard to track your workouts without an accurate measure.

You can't measure intensity on a blank floor or mat.

That's where the Tyger Mat comes in.

With the Tyger Mat's laser etched markers, you'll be able to accurately measure your workouts, and use that data to improve.