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Tyger Mat

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Would you buy a dumbbell without knowing how much it weighs?

Of course not.

How would you know you're using the right resistance?

How would you track your progress?

How would you avoid injuries?

To train safely and effectively, you have to be able to accurately measure workout intensity.

You can't do that easily with normal bodyweight training.

But that's where the Tyger Mat comes in!

Your body-weight training just got better.

Say hello to The Tyger Mat, the ultimate upgrade to your body-weight workout.

The Tyger Mat has laser-etched markers that let you precisely measure intensity and alignment in your body-weight workouts.

The Tyger Mat empowers you to...

+ Accurately measure workout resistance.

+ Measure and improve your body alignment.

+ Track your progress over time.

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Who It's For

Anyone who's doing any kind of bodyweight training needs to be able to accurately track their progress.

So if you're doing TRX training, yoga, or any other body-weight training, this is for you.

How It's Made

This mat is made of durable yet flexible padded foam.

The U.S. Patented markings are laser-etched and will never fade, peel, or break apart.

The bottom of the mat has a slip-proof coating so you never have to worry about it sliding out from underneath you.


Customer Service Guarantee

"I'm James Curley, the designer of the Tyger Mat.

Shipping is fast (usually 3-4 business days) and I personally check each Tyger Mat before it arrives at your door.

I've spent years testing and improving on the design, so I know you're going to love it.

But just in case you don't, returns are quick and easy.

Just reach out to me via the contact page in the main menu to get started.

As long as your mat is returned within 30 days of purchase in the same condition it arrived in, you'll get a full refund.

Thank you."

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
New Tyger Mat

Really love this mat, very stable. Makes TRX exercises far more measurable

Great service!

Quick delivery, great customer service and amazing product!


Love it

Great mat for training

This Tyger Mat works well for me and is exactly what I expected in terms of quality. It’s large sized-bigger than typical yoga mat, has great grip/foot feel and the added number lines make it a useful tool for developing awareness of body position while performing movements.

A Must for your at Home virtual workouts

My Trainer Dan Daly @traindaly uses this mat and swears by it. Of course I had to give it a try. This Mat is high luxury compared to my now in the trash cheap amazon mat. It's nice and thick for support. The size it's just perfect. I also love the markers for progression. Also it's not a dust magnet like all the mats I've ever had. Highly recommend!