The Suspension Scientist

James F. Curley, CSCS, NSCA-CPT
Sports Concepts

I live in Northern New Jersey and have been an educator over 6 years, including working with children with autism.  Prior to my time in education, I coached high school football, wrestling, and track for a total of 11 years.  I was also a personal trainer and strength coach for individual clients as well as the sports teams that I coached for 7 years.

When I'm not focused on teaching or my business pursuits, I very much enjoy quality time with my wife and son.

For questions, comments, or anything else, free feel to email me at

As Seen in Fitness Podcasts and Conferences

All-new, From 1/31/23
Matt Golt Podcast

Matt and I got on a Zoom call and shared with each other and his audience:

-The odyssey of the Tyger Mat finally arriving at his home,

-The origins of the Tyger Mat,

-The advantages that the Tyger Mat has over other mats, and

-What the "Science and Programming" Course provides for personal trainers and therapists.

ACSM GNYRC Podcast - Episode 6

James J. and I sat down talked about my entrepreneurial path:

-From discovering TRX to why I created the Tyger Mat and the accredited course,

-From starting from nothing to obatining a patent and copyrights, and

-From developing prototypes at home to selling products around the world.

Presenting at the ACSM Fall Conference '21

1. To review the research concerning how balance and stability are affected from using suspension exercises, and

2. To demonstrate how you can measure the intensity and instability of suspension exercises on your own.