Education Research

As a special education teacher, I know how important it is to have the most up-to-date information so I can teach my students in the most productive and meaningful way possible.  Research into discovering and improving teaching practices is incredibly important in this ever-changing world, at all levels, grades, and abilities. 

One area that I believe would be of great benefit to additional funding is research that focuses on developing better teaching techniques, policies, systems, and devices for special education teachers and students with disabilities as well as funding the efforts to create resources for teachers and parents based on that research.

That is why Tyger Mat will dedicate a portion of all sales to special education research and make donations to researchers, universities, institutions, and departments who:

1)  Conduct studies and projects that are focused on making new discoveries within special education, and/or

2)  Create resources for special education teachers and parents, based on studies and projects that are about special education.