History of Tyger Mat

The Tyger Mat is the result of years of testing, tweaking, and perfecting the product. Here's how the product grew from a simple idea, to a durable and effective product used around the world.

November 2012

While training a client using TRX strength training equipment, I realized that there wasn’t an effective and reliable way to measure my client’s level of strength, or monitor their progress over time.
I saw this as a glaring issue for suspension training, as measurement and gradual advancement is the cornerstone of any successful strength program.
I wasn't able to find a product to solve this problem, so I decided to make my own.

Nov 2012 – Jan 2013

Developed the measuring system and format for Intensity Regulation Mat (IRM), later named the Tyger Mat

January 2013

The first prototypes of the Tyger Mat are created.

January 2015

US Patent for the Tyger Mat design is issued.

October 2015

The first 10 Tyger Mats are produced for testing.

Oct 2018 – June 2019

The design of the Tyger Mat is refined and improved.

September 2019

Tyger Mat officially goes on sale.

October 2019

First sale of the Tyger Mat.

April 2020

Tyger Mat becomes an official sponsor of the American College Of Sports Medicine.


Tyger Mats are in use by happy customers all around the world.